About The New York Art Whisperer: Rebecca Schweiger, Founder, The Art Studio NY

The New York Art Whisperer, REBECCA SCHWEIGER, is an Internationally Renowned Contemporary Artist based in New York City (www.TheArtStudioNY.com).  Her artwork has been displayed in over 50 galleries and museums throughout the world, and her work is included in hundreds of private collections. In both her artwork and teaching, Rebecca shares her passion for creativity, authentic self-expression, and the Founder, The Art Studio NYimportance of living from the heART. She feels most excited about celebrating her full potential in all that she does, and Rebecca shares this loving, inspiring energy of being the artist of her life, both on and off the canvas, through her artwork and, of course, with all of her students in New York City and around the globe.
After seeing the transformation of health and happiness that artistic self-expression made in thousands of her students and clients world-wide, Founder of The Art Studio NY Rebecca Schweiger knew a warm, relaxing and uplifting art studio home was a huge need for busy and often stressed-out New Yorkers. The Art Studio NY was created as a creative oasis where people of all ages and any artistic background, especially complete beginners, could come to relax, slow down, and, of course, create beautiful artwork with top-notch, individualized instruction from NYC’s best artists. With 3 expansions in only 8 years, TASNY has been rated New York’s #1 art classes year after year. The studio has been reviewed repeatedly by The NY Times, NBC, ABC, The Village Voice, & most recently, E!’s Kardashians paid a visit to have their own portrait painted. The Art Studio NY continues to be a safe-haven & fun art class hot spot that jumpstarts the inner-creativity in endless Manhattanites of every age and background.
#1-Rated art school in NYCYour home for painting classes, drawing classes, creative self-expression and FUN! Relax, paint, draw & sip wine with our inspiring beginner BYOB art classes and 1-on-1 instruction from our renowned, warm and nurturing art instructors. Our art classes are for all ages & levels, so tap into your inner-creativity, unwind and express your true self! Express your inner-heARTist.
Who are our art classes for? YOU! What do we offer? Everything that sparks your CREATIVITY! From weekly art lessons to 1-Nite Painting Party Classes, birthday parties to drawing classes in Central Park, Figure drawing classes to oil painting classes, and even creative corporate events in NYC to our famous art camp for kids in NYC, The Art Studio NY is an experience that will last a lifetime and send your inner-creativity soaring. As featured on NBC, ABC, E!, NY Times, Village Voice & more.


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